In the early days, the Website used to be the symbol to show your online presence in meetings but they weren’t taken seriously until “Google” came into action. That was the actual time when people started looking at a website with a commercial perspective. Availability of internet from broadband to wifi and the improvement in speed changed everything.

Today you required to consider many things when you decide you take your business online.

Type of Promotion Decides the Choice of Credentials –

Paid Promotion –

There are many paid practice are available that prominently includes Google Adwords, Other PPC networks, Banner Advertising. For such kind of promotion, you are required to take a few things into considerations.

Look & Feel –

Your first impression is the major quality criteria that decide your ROI. The more thematic and conceptual your design more it will in favor of conversions.

Service or Product Quality –

You need to be very careful whether you’re selling your product or service online, your reputation is your next sale. You must engage your clients by taking feedback and open active conversations on your product or service.

Tips :- Along with product quality, if manage to maintain presentation and content quality it becomes very helpful for visitors/customers to know about our product/service and that’s the token for next conversion.

Free Promotion –

The above factors are basic ones for any online business but one has to be very careful and consider many other technical factors to get successful results with free or organic promotions.

Free promotion engages many technical which falls under the Search Engine Optimization area. Many of us ignore some of them but trust me, if you collaborate all of them during an organic promotion they will create impeccable impact.

Here are I am going share the most of them which I know and always consider the utmost importance when I work for clients. You can reply in a comment if any of the credentials is missed out or you feel its importance. Almost every credential can be checked on the respective source by free, no need to spend anything.

Alexa –

This is not the Amazons Alexa, if you use it for analysis it will work as a wonder. It can be called an approximate calculator of your website and by regular observation, you can predict the future performance of your website. It offers backlinks data, competitors data, keyword statistics, visitor bounce rate and many things that you can check.

Tips :- Alexa is the great service that offers quite comprehensive tools (paid) that help you know in and out about your site. You must check all the tools in the “SEO Tools” section and try to use them or purchase them as per the project complexity.

DA & PA (Domain & Page Authority) –

It’s been a decade now, DA & PA have been used as an influential metrics for website analysis. It not only helps you know the Authority rank of your website but it also helps you to understand other website quality where you either can advertise or not.

Tips :- DA & PA can be considered as the progress report of your past 1-2 months. Both the credentials are given based on work that has been occurred in the last couple of months. Thus, to see good DA – PA it’s important that you follow strong 2-3 months SEO strategy. Ultimately improved DA-PA is an indicator or top-ranking walkthrough.

Moz Rank –

Another best tool launched by Moz when also provide the number in the range of 0 to 5 that can help you understand the performance of your website.

Tips :- Depending upon the comfort and wideness of your project you can use Moz. As compared to other tools Moz follows strong criteria, so if you have high competition keyword project Moz products would be the worth purchase.

Majestic Trust & Citation Flow –

Word flow means the journey of your website and this powerful tool presents its analysis in the form of Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

Tips :- Trust and Citation flow are the key indicator backlinks quality, content quality as Good Trust flow indicates good quality content and also your backlinks are from a good quality content site. If backlinks play an important role in promotion then Citation & Trust flow could be the great advisor for your site.

These are some credentials that you must keep in overlook regular to understand the performance of your website.

Create Worth Backlinks

Whether anyone accepts it not but believe me backlinks play the key role for the search engine ranking. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while creating backlinks.

Always check websites with the above matrix before you add links to especially when you add a piece of content somewhere such as article or guest blog posting. This tool not only helps with our site but it also gives a brief idea about any other site whether it is a backlink site or competitors. 🙂 That’s something one must think…

One must create a mixed bag of your backlinks and it’s advised to use a combination of backlink types.

Many people especially beginners or DIY people get frustrated when they do not see anything even after one month of a strong backlink program. You must remember indexing of your backlinks is very important for that link to become a concrete source hyperlink.

Likewise, we sell our product or service as per the season or as per occasion, one must follow a decent backlink SEO strategy which should be shuffling combination. We are going to see some Off-Page and On-Page SEO strategies from next.

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