Beginners Guide for Social Bookmarking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed the dynamics of the businesses and the journey was from offline to business online. Many startups have emerged as the most dominant player as they relied on online promotions from the beginning of their careers. Selling your products or services online maximizes profit as it requires fewer infrastructures and business potential is unlimited.

Many methods help website or service promotion and some of them play a key role. One of the quickest to publish and gives fast results is Social Bookmarking Submission. People submit their site details or link to SBM websites and visitors upvote the link whey they find it useful. As well as the social benefits are also one of the best sources to create a backlink to the website.

Creating backlink using Social Bookmarking is like a common thing among webmasters but still many people do not use SBM properly. This beginner’s guide will be very helpful for various experts, as well as people, want to learn or promote their business on their own.

Submission Process:-

Registration / Sign Up – Most of the quality SBM site lists follow the standard registration process to avoid spam or Autobot submissions. By filling the required details you can enter into the website panel. Sometime you may have to click the confirmation link for User activation.

or Sign Up

  • Submit URLUser has to submit the exact URL they want to promote or connect to the hyperlink. Credentials are ones that require smarter submission, by playing there you can maximize the benefits of submissions.

Submit URL or Link

  • TitleThe title of the submission must be created using Keyword or Keyword Phrase. It helps search engines to understand the exact keyword you wish to rank your website on the search engine.
  • Category There are plenty of categories available you can choose the most suitable category to your website.
  • Tags Keyword combinations can be used as Tags as a connector to your story. 
  • Description Description must be a combination of keywords, description of your service and perfect grammar. The more detailed description of your site you provide more positive results your website will receive.

Credentials Submit

By entering the Captcha you can click Submit and your story will be live on the website. Social Bookmarking is generally done to the many SBM website at once. Thus, it becomes important to use the right combination of Credentials that we have learned above.

Live Listing

You can share the live links by coping from the Live listing page to various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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